Staff Directory

Amin AminianAmin Aminian

GDC Number: 69631

Amin Aminian is the lead clinician at Clinic 334. He is a registered specialist in prosthodontics and has extensive experience in the management of the routine and complex case, receiving referrals for several years. Amin has strived to build a reputation on achieving the ultimate result in complex cases by applying care and precision to every aspect of care often.

Amin takes particular pride in having worked with several specialists, all considered experts within their field. His colleagues within the implant field include Neil Wilson, Professor Paul Coulthard, Peter Young, Manu Patel, R Tuffin, Ameeta Joshi and Richard Lloyd.

Neil WilsonNeil Wilson

GDC Number: 67157

Implant patients referred to the practice will have the surgical aspect of care carried out by Neil Wilson. Neil and Amin have successfully provided a team approach in the management of the implant patient for several years.

Colleagues within other specialties include S Bhanderi (endodontics), M Ashley (periodontics), R Gray and S Davies (TMJ disorders), B Bhatti (orthodontics) and M Abdi (orthodontics).

Ian Dunn

Ian Dunn BchD MFGDP(UK) MSc (Perio)

GDC Number: 74439

Ian qualified from Leeds in 1998 and went into general practice in the North West. In 2001 he was awarded Membership of the Faculty of General Dental Practitioners. In 2002 he joined the teaching staff at Liverpool Dental Hospital in the Periodontology Department where he currently holds a part-time position and is one of the Teaching Leads in Periodontology.

In 2007 he started a part-time Masters programme in Periodontology which he complete successfully in late 2010. Together with his undergraduate teaching, Ian also lectures throughout the country at postgraduate level and is part of the highly successful PerioCourses team and enjoys passing his knowledge onto his dental colleagues.

Ian has recently joined the team at Clinic 334 and will be accepting referrals for all aspects of Periodontal Care, also coordinating the hygienist referral service. He will assess patients for all aspects of periodontal care including surgical and non-surgical treatments. He can also integrate surgical aspects of care (eg crown lengthening) for patients from colleagues in general practice who may wish to provide other aspects of restorative treatment.

As with all aspects of treatment provided at Clinic 334, patients will be referred back to their GDP’s on completion of treatment.

Ian is the British Society of Periodontology regional representative for Merseyside and Cheshire. He is married and has two beautiful daughters who keep him very busy in his spare time.

James Darcey

James Darcey BDS MSc MFGDP RCSEng MEndo RCSEd

GDC Number: 83219

Following undergraduate study James undertook vocational training in 2004 at Elaine Hawthorn and Associates.  He was awarded the Diploma of Membership to the Faculty of General Dental Practitioners (MFGDP) in 2006.  In 2008 he completed a Masters degree in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery with distinction from the University of Manchester.

In 2010, following 6 years working in NHS general dental practice, James began specialist training at the University Dental Hospital of Manchester where he also holds an Honorary Lecturer post teaching both undergraduate and post graduate students.  In September 2013 he attained Membership in Endodontics from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and in November 2014 passed the Intercollegiate Specialty Fellowship Examination. He is due to complete training as a Consultant in Restorative Dentistry in June 2015.  James continues to work in general dental practice providing minor oral surgery services on the NHS.

James is the author of several publications and is currently studying a Masters Degree in Dental Public Health researching the need for endodontic services across Greater Manchester.  He lecturers on many aspects of restorative dentistry and more specifically, endodontic treatment. He is a member of the following organisations:

  • British Dental Association (BDA)
  • British Endodontic Society (BES)
  • British Society of Periodontology (BSP)
  • British Society of Prosthodontics (BSSPD)
  • British Society of Restorative Dentistry (BSRD)
  • Faculty of General Dental Practitioners
  • Specialty Registrars in Restorative Dentistry Group (SRRDG)
  • Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh

Steven Davies

Stephen Davies BDS, MDSc, DGDP (UK)

GDC Number: 45530

Stephen Davies qualified from Manchester University in 1971. He is on the Specialist List for Restorative Dentistry at the General Dental Council. In 1974 he set up a new practice, in which he worked for over 40 years. His experience in general practice, with a developing interest in patients with complex restorative needs, led him to believe that his undergraduate training needed supplementing. So he studied Occlusion and Temporomandibular Disorders [TMD] in the UK and USA. This enabled him to join the TMD clinic at the Manchester University Dental Hospital, in 1986. He has been the Lead Clinician of this clinic since January 2001.

He was awarded his M.D.Sc in 1994 for his thesis: "An investigation into the pattern of splint wear in the management of temporomandibular disorders” and was awarded the Alan Hilton Memorial Medal for Research by the Manchester Medical Society for this work. He has published over 50 papers in refereed scientific journals. He was co-author of “Temporomandibular Disorders: A clinical approach” BDJ Publications 1995. This was the first title in the BDJ’s ‘Clinical Guidelines’ series and was translated into German, 2000. He was principal author of “A Clinical Guide to Occlusion” for BDJ Publications 2002. This sets out Guidelines of Good Occlusal Practice in the different branches of dentistry. At the request of Springer Nature Publishing, he is currently revising both of these books, with some eminent co-authors.

He is a full member of the European Academy of Craniomandibular Disorders [soon to be reformed as the European Academy of TMD and Orofacial Pain] and has been their UK representative and Chair of their Education Committee. He is a founding member of UK Study group for Orofacial Pain and TMD. He has contributed to ‘Summary of Royal College of Surgeons (England) clinical guidelines on management of Temporomandibular Disorders (TMDs) in primary care’. He arranged the inaugural meeting that led to the creation of Association of Chartered Physiotherapist for the Study of TMD. He has recently been invited to join the International Network For Orofacial Pain and Related Disorders Methodology Group. This has the challenge to create an Operationalised brief version of the Diagnostic Criteria for TMD’ that can be used by general and specialist dentists in less than 10 minutes.

For many years he has accepted referrals from colleagues who have patients who have a suspected TMD, and/or are struggling to adapt to the occlusion of their restorations.

Outside Dentistry he enjoys boating and skiing with his wife, children and grandchildren, none of which have the remotest interest in Occlusion or Temporomandibular Disorders.

Other Members of Staff:

Lisa Meredith                                          GDC Number: 113981

Nicola Culley                                           GDC Number: 113298

Jonina Barton                                          GDC Number: 210570

Louise Sarge                                           GDC Number: 120800

Leanne Lockett                                       GDC Number: 136822

Katie Wragg                                             GDC Number: 232329

Rebecca Thompson-Hart                        GDC Number: 245893