Dental Aesthetics

The impact of a person’s perception of their smile on their well-being has been well documented and researched in dentistry.  Crowns and veneers were historically the treatment of choice for the management of teeth with poor aesthetics, but the continued development of tooth coloured resin materials and modern ceramics have meant beautiful outcomes can be achieved with less invasive and therefore potentially harmful procedures.

The clinicians at the practice work with the best dental laboratories and ceramists to achieve an outcome often described as life changing.  The technical work is provided by highly experienced colleagues, with the same attention to detail as seen in the clinic.  We use the latest proven technology, techniques and materials to get the desired outcome.

Achieving the absolute best aesthetic outcome often requires input from different specialties.  We have colleagues working at the practice, in periodontology and oral surgery, and also a visiting orthodontist who can give advice on all treatment options.

Initial consultation fee will be £195, including initial “x-rays”/radiographs leading to a written report. Treatment fees vary greatly depending on the case.

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