Prosthodontics & Dental Implants

Prosthodontics can be described as the replacement of missing teeth.  The specialty has, over the years, also included management of patients with failing teeth/crowns/bridgework, tooth wear and also “bite” related issues.  Prosthodontics can be used to restore aesthetics and function, where patients can be confident with their smile and enjoy a quality of life associated with a healthy, functioning and pain-free mouth.

Dental implants are becoming an increasingly popular method of replacing missing teeth and they can be used to support fixed crowns and bridges where patients want to avoid dentures or damage to natural teeth.  They can also be used to support and retain dentures that would otherwise be loose and uncomfortable. 

Our team have experience in working with many of the systems available from the 1980’s, when implants were introduced into mainstream UK practice.  Patients who have had implant treatment many years ago and are now experiencing complications can often be treated without having to remove the older generation of implants.

For prospective implant patients, the clinic has multiple available systems, allowing the choice of a system to be made depending on the needs of the case, including the recent zygomatic approach.  The clinic only places implant systems from proven, well-established companies with a pedigree in research, and can provide further information for the implants to be used in a particular case, on request.  Our clinicians have the experience to manage most of the systems on the market, and are happy to accept referrals for cases where implants have already been placed but are experiencing complications.

Tooth supported bridgework and removable dentures can also be used to replace missing teeth and our team will lay out all the available options when considering each case.

Initial consultation fee will be £195, including initial “x-rays”/radiographs leading to a written report. Treatment fees vary greatly depending on the case. Implant placement fees start at £1500 with implant crown fee starting at £1450.

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