Tooth Wear

Tooth wear (also described as tooth surface loss) is thinning and/or shortening of tooth structure and is relevant if it is at a rate exceeding that expected with normal “wear and tear”.

There is a large body of evidence highlighting the increasing incidence of tooth wear across the population, across all ages.  Tooth wear in a population that is living longer, can result in patients having to have removal of teeth or needing complex treatment for reasons other than historical “decay”.  Tooth wear can also lead to changes in the “bite” which can impact on patient comfort and how crowns, bridges and veneers perform and fail.

The clinic has been accepting referrals for the management of patients with all aspects of tooth wear for over 20 years, and have experience in treating the challenging case in a conservative and predictable manner.

Initial consultation fee will be £195, including initial “x-rays”/radiographs leading to a written report. Treatment fees vary greatly depending on the case.

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